Automation services

Time to Market

At best, automation benefits customers with large production series or in case the same industrial robot can be utilised in several products and work stages with minor adjustments. At the start of a product's life-cycle, it is essential to have the production processes up and running promptly and to pinpoint the potential difficulties in mass production.
For example, for the pharmaceutical industry, quick market penetration is decisive - a patent protects a product innovation only for a limited time. The scalability of solutions when production numbers increase is a substantial asset. Kaptas Oy has developed a unique concept for pharmaceutical production, which enables cost-effective volumes already at the early stages of production.

Agile automation

Streamlining of production and improvement in productivity are the true drivers of industrial production. Through innovative automation, knowledge is turned into cost-effectiveness. By choosing Kaptas as your partner, you can ensure the productivity and efficiency of your company amidst ever tightening competition.

Flexible automation solutions

Challenge old conventions, look at things from a new angle and break free of old habits. Vast improvements in cost-effectiveness can be obtained through different automation solutions, the improvement of existing production methods or completely new solutions. Kaptas thinks with you!

Cost-effectiveness and quality

Costs are created throughout the whole life-cycle of a product, starting from design and simulation. It is therefore crucial to keep in mind issues of assembly at different stages of designing the product.
The knowledge of Kaptas Oy in component processing, assembly, design, programming, product development and project management is at your disposal. We provide our customers with an extensive service package from solution proposals to delivery, from testing to production start-up, as well as the necessary training and maintenance services ensuring continuity.