After Sales

We provide our customers with an automation service package spanning from solution proposals to delivery, from testing to production start-up, as well as the necessary training and maintenance services ensuring continuity.

We place considerable emphasis on After Sales services, encompassing maintenance, support, spare parts and service. Proactivity is the Kaptas's mode of operation. We create a remote connection to the automation lines we have delivered. Production lines collect and send almost real-time data to a cloud service. The collected data is at the disposal of Kaptas and its customers.

We monitor the operation, utilisation degree and eventual fault situations in the lines. We can anticipate situations and make necessary fault diagnoses and repairs. In the utilisation of industrial Internet, our cooperation partner is Roima Intelligence Inc.

The After Sales concept of Kaptas includes efficient orientation and training for the customer. We make sure that the end users of an automation line can adopt the line easily. In addition, in the orientation and training stage, you become familiar with the skilled professionals of Kaptas- in case you have questions, it is easy to contact them!