Developer of automation technology and processes


The pharmaceutical industry

The production concept developed by Kaptas Oy will significantly increase the competitiveness in the pharmaceutical industry. Time to Market is crucial. Flexible automation enables the scalability of production.


Plastic and metal

More efficient production means that a company can produce more high-quality products to the market with decreased consumption of resources. Kaptas, a specialist company in production efficiency, will find the right solution for your company. 


The food industry

Food production involves a vast amount of handling of break bulk. The process is guided by stringent quality and hygiene standards. Intelligent automation creates cost-effectiveness.


After Sales

Proactivity is the Kaptas mode of operation. We create a remote connection to the automation lines we have delivered. We monitor the operation, utilisation degree and eventual fault situations in the lines. Anticipation in fault diagnoses and repairs is an important part of product safety and risk management provided by Kaptas.
  • Case Scanpole Oy: More efficiency A pole carries a lot of information

    Scanpole Oy, which is part of Iivari Mononen Group, delivers poles for electricity, telecommunications and lighting around the world. They produce approximately 100,000 poles per year. Each pole includes three metal plates indicating specific information of the pole. Metal plates are manufactured by automated engraving machines consisting of two production lines – designed and produced by Kaptas.

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  • Case Eino Korhonen Oy: Answer to price pressure “The price pressure at the market pushes automation forward”

    Last year, contract manufacturer Eino Korhonen Oy automatised an assembly line of current collectors. Current collectors for lighting tracks is a volume product, demand for which is still increasing in the world. Automation was the means of the contract manufacturer to respond to the tightening pressure on prices at the market.

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  • Case Valukumpu Oy: Added value for customers “Automation is a requirement for survival at the global market”

    The cooperation between Kaptas and Valukumpu Oy, a Joensuu-based subcontractor and contract manufacturer, is multifaceted, varying from design cooperation to support in manufacture and maintenance. The most recent cooperation project relates to the pharmaceutical industry, which is a growing customer group for both companies.

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  • Case pharmaceutical industry : Kaptas operates in Europe Asset for the pharmaceutical industry

    The production concept developed by Kaptas enables significant increase in competitiveness for the pharmaceutical industry in a situation, whereby quick access to the markets is crucial. With the concept created by Kaptas, production lines can be constructed and developed, as the customer’s volumes increase.

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02.02.2017: PRESS RELEASE 2.2.2017


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