Kaptas Oy - Adaptable Associate

Kaptas is a company specialising in increasing production efficiency through developing methods, technologies and processes. Customers utilising our knowledge in component processing, assembly, design, programming, product development and project management include top companies in the fields of pharmaceutics, metal, electronics and food industry. Our turnover is more than EUR 4 million and we currently employ 24 people.

Flexibility, agility, scalability

We solve our customers' production challenges and problems starting from their premises. Automation can commence with single parts of the process or larger wholes. Everyday innovation also includes more efficient utilisation of present automation solutions in the production. Automation is a process, a possibility for constant improvement! How do you see the future of your company in the increasingly competitive markets of tomorrow?

Experience helps

Kaptas Oy has a vast knowledge of the development needs of industrial technology and processes. We are proud of the skills of our top professionals. Our experience in the fields of pharmaceutics, plastic and metal as well as in the food industry, are a strong indication of our know-how. Wide experience, innovative solutions and the seamless cooperation of the entire Kaptas team benefits our customers.

Modern production facilities

Kaptas Oy has modern, circa 2,150 m2 production facilities to cater the exacting needs of our customers. The designing of automatic solutions, the building and testing of assembly lines and product assembly take place in a controlled and safe environment. We provide the best solutions, both technologically and economically, carried out at our or the customer's own facilities.

Strong networks

We have a strong and functioning network of partners committed to serving the needs of our customers, with a premium on quality and adaptability. Our network partners represent the best of their respective fields - design, simulation and mechanisation.

ISO 9001

Kaptas holds the ISO 9001 quality certificate. For a growing and internationalising company, the certification is an important demonstration of quality management throughout the process. Quality management guarantees the customer's benefit and the fulfilment of the requirements for products and services. Our quality system spans from the operational systems to management and advancement of the entire personnel.

A plea for automation

Regardless of a company's field of operation, automation increases productivity and profitability. Automation increases industrial competitiveness and quality. Human resources can be effectively transferred to stages of production that require labour input.