Case pharmaceutical industry :
Kaptas operates in Europe

Asset for the pharmaceutical industry

The production concept developed by Kaptas enables significant increase in competitiveness for the pharmaceutical industry in a situation, whereby quick access to the markets is crucial. With the concept created by Kaptas, production lines can be constructed and developed, as the customer's volumes increase. A patent protects product innovations for a limited period; time is money.

Intelligent automation, modularity of production lines, understanding customer's business and the ability to concretise information into functional solutions is the core of Kaptas's knowledge. The concept has been refined to function effectively from design to realisation. Almost invariably, markets require quick reaction to customer needs. Indeed, delivery time is one of Kaptas's absolute assets.

In spring 2015, Kaptas concluded the largest export deal in its history. The company builds an assembly line for a medication dispenser used in the treatment of diabetes. The line enables the production capacity of 15-20 million items.
The conclusion of the deal is important for Kaptas and for the entire cluster of pharmaceutical industry in North Karelia. During the years, North Karelia in Eastern Finland has gathered significant world-class knowledge in the field. For example, in Germany as well as in Medicon Valley, the joint bioscience cluster of Denmark and Sweden, the new measures to make production more efficient have been welcomed with enthusiasm.

In North Karelia, Kaptas expertise has been utilised, for example, by pharmaceutical contract manufacturer Medisize Oy and Medix Biochemica, which conducts diagnostic tests in health care. The share of pharmaceutical industry in the turnover of the company is already more than 50 %. Plastic and metal as well as the food industry constitute the other strong half.

Kaptas holds an ISO 9001 quality certificate. For a growing and internationalising company, certification is an important demonstration of quality management throughout the process. Quality management guarantees customer's benefit and the fulfilment of the requirements for products and services.

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