Kaptas Oy 10 years

"The strongly internationalising company has contributed to empowering the entire Northern Karelia," summarises the Municipal Manager of Liperi, Hannele Mikkanen.

Currently, more is happening in a week than a while ago happened in a year, stated the President of the Republic, Sauli Niinistö, when talking to Ambassadors last autumn. The thoughts of the Municipal Manager of Liperi, Hannele Mikkanen, followed the view of the President when reflecting the ten-year path of Kaptas Oy.

-    Ten years ago, the transformation of work and the fast progress of technology was not yet acknowledged. In an astonishing manner, Kaptas has concretised the change and its necessity; the utilisation of technology is progressing with giant leaps in the global market. With such pace, companies like Kaptas are vital for Finland.

Expert and network creator

Municipal Manager Mikkanen approaches from two essential perspectives the significance of the expert company focusing on effectivisation of industrial production. Due to Kaptas' high technology, the province has been able to maintain jobs. For its customers in Northern Karelia, Kaptas has also served as the crucial resource with which production has become more effective due to the insightful automation of the company.

-    Simultaneously, Kaptas has created new networking in the province. There are valid grounds to state that the strongly internationalising company has contributed to empowering the entire Northern Karelia, emphasised Mikkanen while highlighting the role of Kaptas as the force in the pharmaceutical cluster of the province.

In a similar vein, the CEO of the Entrepreneurs in Northern Karelia, Matti Vuojärvi, emphasised the significance of Kaptas in strengthening the subcontracting chain.

-    The heritage of Perlos is alive and kicking in the province. Perlos came to an end, but the expertise did not disappear – the value chain created by Kaptas is a testament to that, crystallises Vuojärvi, referring to the twenty-odd-year Perlos background of Pertti Tykkyläinen and Kari Sinkkonen, the founders of Kaptas.

Top cluster

In the same token, the CEO of Joensuu Regional Development Company JOSEK, Pekka Nuutinen, praises Kaptas for the fact that the industrial life in Northern Karelia has strengthened its pharmaceutical pillar in addition to the forest and metal ones.

-    A top cluster of pharmaceutical industry has developed in Northern Karelia.

Even when conservatively estimated, the companies belonging to the pharmaceutical cluster of Norhern Karelia employ approximately one thousand workers. The employment effects are even larger when the subcontracting network utilised by the companies is counted in. The pharmaceutical cluster of Northern Karelia possesses the preconditions to further grow and strengthen. It is challenging for a single SME company to break into the international market – there is strength in networking.

Decisive plant investment

Kaptas, established in 2007, operated its first years in modest production premises in Joensuu. In 2010, a new plant was constructed in Ylämylly, Liperi. The municipality of Liperi and its business development company Lipertek were proactive in the plant investment. The Municipal Manager of Liperi, Hannele Mikkanen, is familiar with the view that companies should make basic investments without municipal interventions.

-    The fact is, however, that significant investments in premises, machines, equipment and workforce constitute too large a strain for a young company. Therefore, it is important to acknowledge the different situations in the company field and to work in a cooperative and constructive manner with all actors, encompassing even local authorities.

The Ylämylly plant and the extension of the plant in 2014 have been crucial for the business and export efforts of Kaptas. Out of the company's turnover, almost half is already accounted by direct or indirect exports. During the past seven years, Ylämylly plant halls have witnessed automated production lines being constructed for international pharmaceutical customers as well as Finnish actors in plastic, metal and food industries.  Kaptas currently employs 28 experts of the automation field. In the accounting period ending last March, the turnover of the company was more than 4 million euros. In addition, the company was awarded Liperi's Entrepreneur of the Year prize in 2016.